Customer Reviews

* * * * *Christian G. 3/21/15

 Just received my custom couch the Dallas collection and it's beautiful and flawless I love my couch. Frank was a great help and I will buy more stuff from here in the future they have really nice stuff. This is buy far nothing like that cheap ikea stuff-very well made and made in the USA


* * * * * Jacques S. 2/27/15

Well this was a refreshing experience...

We have been looking for a modern looking couch for our cool new office in Mission Hills for the past month and we hired a professional interior design firm that pointed us to Urban Fusion. The owner, Frank, was extremely helpful and we found and customized the perfect couch within 20 minutes.

He even rushed it for us at no additional cost and it came in just over a week... super impressive.

Would highly recommend this store!


* * * * * Bridgie M. 2/13/15

Love this place!  Just redid my floors to a hardwood and was in desperate need of a new sofa.  There were so many different styles, sizes, and fabric choices.  I was really impressed with how affordable all the custom sofas were.  I was worried I wouldn't be able to narrow down a fabric choice (because I am so indecisive and there are many choices) but Frank really helped me find the perfect fabric.  I am always happy to support local mom and pop shops especially when they treat me like a friend.  It was a comfortable shopping experience aka I was not hunted down and hovered over.  I was able to take my time and feel comfortable about my purchase without added pressure.  I just received my sofa last week and I must say I am a huge fan.  It's comfy, cozy, and looks great!  I highly recommend this place if you're looking for a sofa that is quality made, affordable, and made locally in California.  I will definitely be back to find a coffee table that compliments my new sofa and future purchases.


* * * * * Beth U. 2/13/15

Urban Fusion Decor was a great find! I felt relaxed, able to take my time shopping. Always support local family owned stores. Great affordable prices to fit any budget. Frank, the ower, is great, was happy to assist you & answer any questions you may have. They're willing to customize any sofa & have selections, sizes, styles, fabric choices. Also, lighting, pictures, rugs, tables, accents and more. I'm very happy w/ my TV stand, dresser and other purchases. I highly recommend Urban Fusion Decor. After my recommendation, my friends are now enjoying they're new custom sofa.


I'm glad to have finally made it into their Hillcrest location. They had a store in Oceanside for 5 years called Home Outfitters. They were running both stores at once and decided to close their Oceanside location to focus on their new baby and concentrate on one store.  I get it ,there are more important things in life than just working.!!  
Now, for their Hillcrest store. Well done, great music, and excellent choices on industrial style furniture as well as USA Made sofas. When I need a new sofa, I will definitely stop by again guys.
Keep up the good work and congrats on your new baby. :0


* * * * * Terrence M. 11/14/14

Finding furniture that resonates with your style can be an exhaustive process, so when I stumbled on Urban Fusion Decor I was STOKED. After visiting places like Living Spaces, consignment stores, Lawrance Furniture, etc., and browsing everything under the sun online finding this place felt like walking into a refreshing desert oasis. Huge relief.

Of course, furniture tastes are subjective, but if you're into an urban look you'll have plenty to be excited about here. I picked up a solid metal and wood coffee table, the kind of piece that lasts for 10 years and can take a beating. Very well constructed and set apart by the teak wood, which is reclaimed from old fishing boats.

I also ordered a sofa chair. Frank, the owner, has what seems like unlimited color and material options to customize a couch or chair to your liking. Just find a sofa in the right style in the store and then customize the color and fabric. Really easy process and your one of a kind sofa arrives within two weeks (or less).

Frank is also really nice. I've been in the store about 4-5 times now before finally making my picks and every time he had reggae music playing in the background. Definitely a mellow, down to earth dude. He's a family guy, too, as I learned that he has a brand new little one at home. I like that real people are behind this store and it's not a shady operation that's going out of business tomorrow.

The store also has some cool artwork available and a bunch of unique pieces that span coffee tables, media consoles, side tables and cabinets. And the prices are super reasonable. After hunting for some new stuff for so long I became pretty familiar with what to expect from a price standpoint and Frank's prices are lower than what I expected to pay. The custom sofa chair was only $400, for example. That's pretty damn good.


* * * * * Elika B. 11/21/14

I am obsessed with my new sofa sectional from Urban Fusion!

I had been searching high and low online and in stores around San Diego for a mid century style sofa, within a strict budget (~$1k).. Call me crazy, I know. My vision was West Elm ish- but the horror stories I've heard and read on quality, delivery surcharges etc- not to mention overpriced in general, I refused to pursue anything from them. I checked almost every single store I could find that offered reasonably priced mid century pieces(just like the other reviewer mentioned- from new to consignments around Hillcrest, NorthPark, to Living Spaces, to craigslist, you name it). Pretty much non existent in this price range.

I was looking to replace a small mid century sofa I had from another well known online store, but it felt cramped even seating two people, and my little vision for a small mid century sectional stayed in the back of my mind. So I stayed determined and glad I did... I had seen Urban Fusion just from driving by(I hadn't seen it come up in any of my online search results so I'm hoping for Yelp to help put this gem better on the map), it truly is a hidden gem.. And so I finally stopped in. I had no idea choosing and buying a custom sofa was so easy, and inexpensive. Frank was fantastic helping me choose my colors, fabric, size, showing how the sectional piece is movable, etc. I usually get annoyed w/people in stores, but Frank's demeanor was perfect and so helpful. From customer service, answering all my questions even when I was calling back later to check on something with him.

2 weeks later my new sofa was delivered to my apartment downtown and the delivery guys even unwrapped and arranged it for me. I can't believe I finally found my vision in my budget, and the sofa looks and feels beautiful! I will recommend urban fusion to everyone.


* * * * * 9/24/14 Terry B.

We drove past this furniture store and stopped in last Saturday just to look around.  When we walked in, the lady said hello with a nice smile.  Between the soft Quentin Tarantino style music playing in the background and the white lab named Frankie there to greet us (I think he's the boss) we felt right at home, a very inviting ambiance.  We were extremely impressed with the prices they offered and bought a custom sectional and two end tables that fit us perfectly in our home.  The quality and price comparison aren't even close to what others offered.  We shopped around for a while at some other places before Urban Fusion Decor with no lasting impression.    We are happy to keep our business with these local business people that were polite, nice and easy to deal with.  We will recommend this shop to all our friends and family and we appreciate them in our community.


* * * * * 9/6/14 Jack B.

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to say how much I love my new sofa-sectional. The color and texture of the fabric really is everything I wanted. The look and design of the piece (Westwood collection) also is just as elegant and awesome looking as I'd imagined. Here are the reasons: 
  • The gentlemen who delivered it were extremely polite, professional, and friendly. They carefully unpacked everything and didn't leave one piece of packing material behind
  • This is really the way to buy furniture. I never would have found this design and acquired it in this color and texture (dark turquoise / tweed) had I settled for a ready-made product or even a custom order job at any big furniture store. You have an insane variety of fabrics
  • Your friendliness and accommodating spirit really is what it takes to make the customer feel right
I'd recommend you to anyone. Thank you so much for saving me from mass-produced, we-polluted-the-ocean-to-ship-it-here, we're beige and boring, we're the same price anyway, purchase.
* * * * 6/8/14  Eric P. 

I had been looking for a mid-century inspired sofa that was affordable and well-made, and just happened to drive by Urban Fusion Decor. Found what I was looking for, and after selecting fabrics and placing my order, my finished chair and sofa were completed in two weeks (a similar sofa from Crate and Barrel takes 10-12 weeks, and the quality isn't as good). The owners are friendly and accommodating and not at all hard-sell. Lots of unusual things, and you can even customize the length and depth of a piece for a little more. Very pleased with my purchases.


* * * * * 5/29/14 Sylvia C.

I recently walked into Urban Fusion , sat on the Teddy Bear Futon and was immediately sold ! My daughter and I mutually agreed that it was like laying on a cloud. I also was impressed with the customer service and how the staff went out of their way to accommodate our needs. I would definitely return to this charming  neighborhood store and have been recommending them to my friends.


* * * * * 9/28/13 Ian B.

I don't take the time to write many reviews, but this place is really a great find in Hillcrest. Not only do they have a wide area of sofas and furniture, it is hip, the furniture is hip, and the owners are great honest caring folks. These people know their business, care about making you happy and have a great inventory of very cool stuff. Definitely not your average run of the mill furniture store. I bought a coffee table right off the floor and I couldn't be happier with it, and the experience. Thus worth the review. Yes! Check them out before you buy furniture anywhere else.


* * * * * 11/13/13 Amanda W.

I had the easiest furniture store shopping experience ever with this place.  I needed to find a specific size sectional.  Not only was I able to get the exact size I needed but I also was able to choose from hundreds and hundreds of fabrics.  What fabulous options and they make it all here in California.  I was surprised it only took two weeks.  Not only did it take no time but it was also extremely affordable.  I am so glad my friends turned me on to this place.  I will be back!


* * * * * 9/28/13 Vanessa J.

This is a brand new store to the Hillcrest area and it was the easiest  furniture buying experience I've had.  I've been looking for a Bali style piece of furniture to put in my entry way for a few months now. I've searched many other stores but no luck. I told Frank what I was searching for and he said he might have the perfect piece for me. It was a mix of a few different colors and made of solid reclaimed wood and was super heavy. Now I liked the piece but how to get it home? Frank said he would bring it to my house within the hour if I wanted it... all by himself?  Sure enough he delivered it in 30 minutes by himself and it went perfectly.!!


 * * * * * 9/26/14 Briana G.

I moved into the area recently from Boston and was searching Craigslist for furniture and came across their ad. I called first and the lady on the phone was so polite and told me they would wait to close if I wasn't far away. I hurried over there and immediately new what tv stand I was going to buy, I had an idea for a sofa but the one I was looking at was to long. Bridget told me they could do a condo sofa, which is a size in between a loveseat and a normal size sofa and if I picked a promo fabric I could save about a $100. I purchased the old world style tv stand and my new sofa will be delivered in 2 weeks. So excited and so happy the experience was easy!


* * * * * 9/25/14 Mitch G.

This stores combines excellent customer service, a big white Labrador, excellent prices, and a ton of choices on sofas. I liked a sofa as soon as I walked in and  they told me I could design it in any configuration I wanted. Then they showed me the fabric choices, which is a bit overwhelming at first but when they break it down in color and feel it was really easy. I ordered a two piece sectional with a larger chaise lounge,which is exactly what I've been looking for. They said delivery time is about 10-14 business days and made in CA.

I have given these guys a five star rating based on the customer service and just the overall feel of the whole place. When I walked in, the guy at the front counter ( later to be named Frank, the store owner ) gave me a simple hello, asked how my day was and told me what the store was all about. He let me walk around with no pressure and no sales tactics. What a nice feel to not be followed around!

I will be recommending this place to anybody that needs a new sofa.!